BLOGPOST: Currently: May 2017

“Currently” is a monthly tag that focuses on all the little happenings in your life, and since I haven’t done one in a while (eight months, to be exact), I wanted to share one for May. Currently, I am…

Watching: Earlier this week I went to Orlando, FL for the opening of Universal Orlando Resort’s Volcano Bay. I had a five hour flight back to LA last night, and I binge-watched the entire first season of TBS’s Search Party. (The episodes are only a half hour, so don’t judge me too hard). It’s a dark comedy about a girl who tries to find a missing friend from college. It’s really weird and funny and wonderful, and the ending was so terrible (but, like, in a good way?). I loved it.

Listening To: I’ve always liked Peter, Paul & Mary, but my love was reignited two weeks ago in a Goodwill when I stumbled upon a ton of old Peter, Paul & Mary CDs. ((Note: I don’t actually have a CD player. I’ve been listening on YouTube, despite my newly acquired collection. I plan on getting a CD player at some point (are CD players still sold?), but until then, I just really like having the physical copies)).

Shopping: Does fruit count? Because I’ve been buying a lot of fruit recently. It’s finally blueberry season! Which makes me really happy, because nothing is worse than fruit out of season. It tastes like disappointment. 🙁

Wearing: Earlier this month I went to Shakti Fest in Joshua Tree (blogpost coming soon!), and I met this amazing goddess named Avnee who designs beautiful flowy dresses out of Indian saris. The company is Nama Slay, and I have been wearing this dress nonstop. You may have seen it featured on my Instagram this month…

Celebrating the divine feminine at Shakti Fest 2017 ॐ Playing in the desert and making magic! Sat nam fam☀️

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+ It’s funny because at first I was like, Where am I going to wear this to? Because I feel super fancy in it and was reluctant about being overdressed, but now I’ve just embraced it. I enjoy being the best dressed patron at Burger King. Sometimes if I’m feeling super ~crazy~, I’ll wear it to the grocery store because the dairy aisle is my runway.

Loving: My purple hair! I dyed it last month, and while the upkeep is a bit of a hassle, it’s definitely worth it. Having purple hair makes everything more fun.

Looking Forward To: Tomorrow is Sunday, which means it’s Ecstatic Dance here in LA. If you don’t know what Ecstatic Dance is, it’s basically a big dance party for hippies! Every Sunday we eat vegan food and dance like suuuuper crazy people without any judgement. It’s during the daytime and substance-free, and I really love it because I think dancing is so much fun, but I absolutely hate nightclubs / parties / etc. (can you guys tell I’m super social?). It’s extremely meditative to practice free-form movement, and Ecstatic Dance has brought me out of my comfort zone in so many ways. Shout out to Ariana Bates for making me dance that one Sunday in November at Full Circle Venice!

Thanks for reading x I have a few June blogposts planned that I am super excited about, but in the meantime, stay connected with me on social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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