BLOGPOST: DIY Succulent Planter

Before I found succulents, I was a notorious plant killer. All of my houseplants ended up on death row (RIP), and I thought I was subjected to the life of a perpetual plant murderer. Instead, I decided to stop watering my dead plants, and find something low-maintenance. Soon after I discovered succulents! Lucky for me, succulents are resilient and require minimal care (+ they also look really cute).

Keep reading for a simple DIY succulent planter. This arrangement is super easy, and makes a perfect home-decor item or centerpiece.


  • Planter: I decided to use an old wooden box with a shabby-chic, rustic vibe. I’ve seen other people use mason jars, tea tins, vintage ceramic dishes, mugs, and other creative holders. It can be a fun way to upcycle your old container – just to give you some ideas!
  • Succulents of your choice: Succulents come in all shapes and sizes, so this is the fun part. I bought all of mine from the Los Angeles Flower District in downtown LA. I’ve also seen tiny succulents sold at farmer’s markets and grocery stores, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. You can use cactuses too, as both plants require minimal water. I’m a little scared of the cactus prickles though, so I’ll be sticking to succulents.
  • Dirt: Although your succulents will come with a bit of dirt, you will probably need more to fill your planter with. I bought a large zip-lock bag of soil from the same place I purchased the succulents at. (I also had to carry all of this on the metro, so that was interesting. I had at least three people ask me why I was carrying around a bag of dirt).
  • Gravel: You’ll only need this if your container does not have a hole at the bottom. My planter is a solid box, so I had to put gravel down as the first layer to keep the roots drained. With nowhere to go, the water will collect at the bottom of your container and eventually drown the succulent. A pebble drainage system is important!
  • Decorative rocks (optional) / You could also use crystals and shells to decorate your garden.



  • When you are putting the succulents into your planter, try placing them above the rim. I filled my box 3/4 with dirt, and then placed the succulents inside. They’ll need sunlight, so it’s important to expose them to the surface area.
  • Water your succulent at least once a week! Misting it is a good idea, as people tend to over-water and drown their succulents. They are desert plants, so they don’t need that much water.

Ultimately, I ended up putting the succulents on my desk in my bedroom. I’ve been wanting to add greenery to my space for awhile now, and I really love the way this planter turned out.

I hope you liked this simple little DIY. On a similar note, I’m also in the process of making an herb garden on my balcony. I’ll admit that right now my “herb garden” only consists of a small wooden box filled with dirt. I haven’t bought or planted any actual herbs YET, but I will soon. I really would like to fill my apartment with more plants in the coming months. (I won’t stop until my apartment becomes a forest).