BLOGPOST: Currently: September 2016


Last winter I discovered the “Currently” tag through one of my favorite bloggers, SazBomb. “Currently” is a monthly tag that focuses on all the little happenings in your life, and I decided to give it a try for September. The month of September has been a bit hectic with the start of school, but I’m finally back into a regular routine. Currently, I am…

Watching: I binge-watched Netflix’s Stranger Things in a single day, which I know sounds a little excessive, but it’s only 8 episodes. I think 8 hours can be rationalized. (Also, if you’ve watched the show tell me your thoughts on #JusticeforBarb. I feel like Barb was an innocent angel, and we would all be lucky to have her as a friend).

Listening To: Twenty-One Pilots. It all started this past summer when I was in Hawaii. One of my friends was a big Twenty-One Pilots fan and during a road trip around the Big Island, that was all we listened to. Apparently the band grew on me because I’ve listened to “Heathens” (from the Suicide Squad soundtrack) at least 100+ times.

Shopping: September has been the month of Staples and Office Max as I started school a few weeks ago. The only thing I’ve been buying is binders and pencils.

Wearing: I’ve been wearing a lot of university merch this month. Now that its back to school (and football season), my school spirit is at an all-time-high.

Loving: Being back in Los Angeles! I was away for the past two months, because I was doing a summer internship in Hawaii and also visiting my family in New Jersey. It’s been really nice to settle back into LA and get reacquainted with the city.

Looking Forward To: In two weeks I am headed back to New Jersey, and I’m reaaallllyyy excited to be home for a short weekend.


How was your September?