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Brooklyn Bridge

Hello! I’m Katelyn,

I’m a soulful storyteller, conscious copywriter, and a creator of all sorts whose work is deeply rooted in holistic growth from within. My passion around storytelling began at a young age with my own creative journey into writing as a form of healing trauma. 

My mission

After graduating from UCLA where I studied Anthropology and Gender Studies, I began working as a counselor advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. In this role, I guided and supported women through immediate crisis intervention.

Through this line of work and training, I found great purpose in creating and curating trauma-sensitive spaces where survivors felt safe to share their experiences. Today, I am dedicated to holding sacred spaces where people feel free to be themselves; and ultimately, my soul purpose is supporting other women in finding their power.

Whether you need social media consulting for your new business venture or you’re looking to clarify and fine-tune your vision, I can help you connect with your story. Together, we’ll brainstorm and heartstorm ways to make it happen; and we’ll work to discover your authentic voice and inherent wholeness through the power of written, verbal, and embodied storytelling.