Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am a multimedia storyteller, researcher, and creator of all sorts based in Los Angeles, CA. I am passionate about producing content (whether the medium is writing, photography, or film), and I think there’s something very special about multimedia and its various forms. I have worked as a freelance writer, penning articles for print and online publications with bylines at Huffington Post, MissHeard Magazine, The Representation Project, among other media outlets. My work is concentrated in feminist theory, visual culture, contemporary art, and media studies. 

I have traveled extensively through Japan, Europe, England, and the United States, drawing inspiration from the places I visit and characters I meet along the way. Through my journalistic endeavors and academic research, I aim to share underrepresented voices and raise awareness on social issues, particularly those pertaining to women + girls. 

My website has evolved into the digital home for all my creative musings, including a blog, a portfolio of freelance photography, and a Youtube channel. I hope you leave this space feeling inspired.


Kind Regards,

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