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Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I am a multimedia storyteller, researcher, and creator of all sorts based in Los Angeles, CA. I am passionate about producing content (whether the medium is writing, photography, or film), and I think there’s something very special about multimedia and its various forms. I find it fascinating how everything we know about the universe, essentially, comes from human observation over generations; I think moments feel more real when I catch them on film or write them down.

About Me

I have worked as a freelance writer, penning articles for print and online publications with bylines at Huffington PostMissHeard MagazineThe Representation Project, among other media outlets. I studied Anthropology and Gender Studies at the baccalaureate level with a minor in Film, Television, and Digital Media (UCLA 2020). My work is concentrated in feminist theory, visual culture, contemporary art, and media studies. 

I have traveled extensively through Japan, Europe, England, and the United States, drawing inspiration from the places I visit and characters I meet along the way. Cultural and social activism is central to my practice as a writer and photographer. Through my journalistic endeavors and academic research, I aim to share underrepresented voices and raise awareness on social issues, particularly those pertaining to women + girls.

My website has evolved into the digital home for all my creative musings, including a blog and portfolio of multimedia work. I hope you leave this space feeling inspired.

Kind Regards,


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