CHARITY: Young Charity Founder Finds Herself Victim of Vandalism

PITMAN, NJ (CBS) – A young woman who made it her mission to help others, has found herself in need.

Katelyn Darrow founded the organization “Angels of God Clothing Closet.

Katelyn says as she was preparing to leave for college, her vehicle packed with all of her belongings was vandalized and all of her stuff was taken.

“All my luggage, all my boxes, all my belongings that I had packed for college were gone. I felt like my whole life was in those boxes, as I was packing to move across the country. I’ve just been trying to put it into perspective. There are people who have it a lot harder than I do. I have a place to sleep tonight and other people don’t. Items are replaceable.”

Darrow says she started her charity after she went through a house fire and lost practically everything, so she knew what it felt like to not have any belongings.

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