REPORTING: About Student Voice

As a young student, do you ever feel like your opinion doesn’t matter? At times, do you feel like no one hears you?

Student Voice, a grassroots support network, provides students with the opportunity to exercise and enhance their voice. Through this movement, Student Voice hopes to create a culture that values and embraces youth opinion and voice.

It all started with a simple Twitter chat in May 2012, which spouted into a website soon after ( Through student blog entries along with the #StuVoice hashtag and online chats via Twitter, students have spoken out and exposed youth-led initiatives. On the Student Voice blog, countless passionate teenagers describe how they are shaping the world.

Since the founding, this movement has continued to grow. With almost 500 Facebook page “likes” and more than 600 Twitter followers to date, you can connect with Student Voice on social media and join the action. You’ll want to stay up-to-date, because they have exciting things planned in the future! The organization will be launching the first-ever Student Voice Summit this spring. With Dell’s sponsorship and support, ‘Student Voice Live!’ will be presented. On April 13, 2013 in New York City, people will be brought together to amplify the movement beyond the Internet. For more information about the upcoming summit, visit:

Zak Malamed, founder of Student Voice, is only 19-years-old and thinks there’s no better time to start a movement. He says that students should, “never feel like they’re limited.” He believes that, “each individual has a voice.” There are opportunities for youth to make a difference and pursue their dreams. Many students have found their passion within the Student Voice movement. The support network has encouraged young people to create and spearhead a strong student movement of their own!

**Originally published on VolunTEENNation