BLOGPOST: Synesthesia Atelier Perfume

Have you ever wondered what E flat smells like? 🎶 Today I have a sponsored blogpost from Synesthesia Atelier, a hand-made perfume company that bases their scents on music notes. Krista is the founder of Synesthesia Atelier, and she has synesthesia, which means that she can see colors + scents associated with sounds. All of her beauty products are based off of her synesthesia experiences, and is actually the ~first and only~ synesthesia inspired line of cosmetics.

When I was younger I played guitar, but I stopped at some point in late elementary school. 🎸 In fourth grade I played the flute in my school band, and then the following year my music teacher kindly made the suggestion that I switch to xylophone (I was a bad flute player). In high school I bought a keyboard that is still in a box collecting dust in my attic. 🎹 Clearly, I haven’t been very consistent with instruments.

After going to Hawaii this summer, ukulele was something I really wanted to learn. I started taking lessons in September, and this is probably the most dedicated I’ve been to an instrument. When Krista and I connected, I was super excited to experience scents inspired by music. She has an awesome mission to encourage everyone to embrace our uniqueness!

“I want Synesthesia Atelier to represent self-love and self-acceptance. Don’t be afraid to be unique. Don’t be afraid to experience life fully. Notice how you feel. Absorb all you can. Be yourself & celebrate your uniqueness!”

Yes, that is my beautiful ukulele. I treat it like my baby and am so protective of it 😂

Additionally, all of Synesthesia Atelier’s perfumes are 100% cruelty-free and vegan! 🐰🐭 None of their perfumes are tested on animals, or contain any animal products or by-products. And of course, I’ll always prefer something handmade versus mass produced.

The perfumes that I received are .34oz and are hand-mixed and hand-poured into a gold and glass rollerball. I love having my perfumes and essential oils in rollerballs, because they’re small, compact, and great for travel.

Krista is such a kind, creative individual, and I was ecstatic to try out her products. The perfumes that I received were Middle C, E flat, and B flat. I also included their product descriptions below. I’m so happy to say that they all smell amazing! Each scent was accurately described online, so you can be assured that whatever you’re ordering will smell just as good in person.

Middle C

“The note C to me is bright primary red and juicy. This perfume has notes of cotton candy, sparkling citrus, Egyptian amber and pink jasmine. If you love juicy florals, this one’s for you! This perfume is very feminine, and sweet- you will smell the cotton candy first!”

E flat / Eb

“The note Eb is yellowy-green and very laid-back. This perfume has notes of lemon incense, sandalwood, blood orange, cashmere, and a hint of vanilla. This is a very unique feminine scent- not too sweet, not too strong. You will smell like a hippie queen wearing this perfume!”

B flat / Bb

“The note Bb is dark blue and purple, fun yet down-to-earth. This perfume is a tropical twist of coconut milk and cool vanilla. This perfume is perfect for summer, and perfect for those that love coconut!”

There are way more scents and perfumes listed on the Synesthesia Atelier Etsy store, so be sure to check it out. I think these would make a great gift for any music lover, or anyone who’s curious about what a music note might smell like! I’ve been wearing different scents each day and have received so many compliments. It’s fun to explain that the perfume I’m wearing is a synesthesia inspired scent and is actually based on notes from the musical scale.


Check out Krista + Synesthesia Atelier through the links below!

Etsy store

Official website



Thank you so much for partnering with me, Synesthesia Atelier! As always, all opinions are my own.💖