CHARITY: A Passion to Give Back

To state it simply, volunteering has changed my life tremendously. Helping others has always been close to my heart.

My earliest memory of giving back was when I was four-years-old. My pastor always spoke in church about her visits with hospital patients and nursing home residents. Me, being a nosy preschooler, begged to go with her. When she finally agreed to bring me along, I had a handful of cards at my side that were scribbled with Magic Marker stating the words “I love you!” across the paper! Sequins and princess stickers graced the cards I distributed. I remember handing people of all ages, my card and seeing the smile and pure joy on their face. Sometimes besides cards, I would give them a handmade craft too. My treats would vary from macaroni necklaces to paper bag puppets. Four-year-old me didn’t understand the impact I made on their lives at the time, all I knew was that I made their day a bit brighter and I felt extremely satisfied with my afternoon visits. My cards brought smiles and laughter to their lonely days. Making cards for hospital patients and nursing home residents was my first service project.

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