CHARITY: East Meets West

A reflection:

Five months ago I embarked on a new journey! I left New Jersey and moved to California to start my freshmen year of college. Although I had a rough start (see here), once again I was humbled by the grace of family, friends, neighbors, supporters and even strangers, who all reached out to help me.

I headed off to college and boarded the plane with significantly less items than I had anticipated, but once I sat down I realized I had everything I needed… my family and love from the community.

I knew everything could be replaced that was packed in my boxes and suitcase. Although there are special items that I’ll never be able to get back, such as my grandmother’s necklace or old family photos, I hold these memories close to my heart.

Once my family left and I settled into a routine, I felt something was missing. Something that had been ingrained in me since I was young: giving back and volunteering. Even though I was still working on my non-profit Angels of God  and holding Skype meetings, I was still missing the daily hands-on opportunity.

I quickly took to the Internet (shout out to @Volunteer Nation |, started by my friend Simone), and I found various places to volunteer at right in my new backyard. It did not take me long to find places to donate time to.

Now I have an idea and I hope you will join me! East is about to meet West…

Right now, Angels of God is running an outreach project called “A Pocketbook Full of Blessings” which will provide purses full of necessities and goodies for women living in domestic violence shelters. I want to bring this idea to Los Angeles, and donate filled purses to the domestic violence shelters I have been volunteering at these past few months.

Additionally, this Easter I want to share my Easter Basket Outreach Project right here in Los Angeles! In 2016 I am setting the bar high and I think TOGETHER we can do it. My goal is to provide Easter Baskets to area children in need or living in homeless shelters

For many children, Easter would not be complete without a basket filled of chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs, but for some low-income families, the classic tradition isn’t possible.

Do you think we can do it?

-1000 total:
-800 Angels of God (East)
-200 Angels of God (West)

I want to share my love of volunteering with some of my peers in Los Angeles and assemble and deliver 200 Easter baskets to children living in homeless shelters in LA, near where I am attending college. I have volunteered with many wonderful organizations these past five months, and I would love to partner up with these great LA-based charities.

Please STAY TUNED on ways YOU can help me meet my goal. I will be sending out an “Easter Outreach” email soon. And keep watching Angels of God Website and Facebook Page for updates.

Thank you for your support and continuing to believe in me. Together we are making a difference in the lives of others!

-Katelyn Darrow


P.S. My mom just recently shared a quote with me that touched me, and I hope you feel inspired too.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes

I hope that you’ll join me, as we exercise our hearts and lift those in need up.