TRAVEL: Hawaii Update 7.13.16

I’ve been living in Hawaii, specifically the Big Island, for a couple weeks now. I’m here for an internship with a nonprofit organization that focuses on environmental conservation + sustainability on the Hawaiian islands. I wanted to post a little update and share some photos! Although I am working, I still have a little bit of free time to explore. So far I have…

-Visited a black sand beach 🌊

-Tried Hawaii’s famous kava drink 🍸

-Been kept awake at night by chirping coqui frogs 🐸

-Hitchhiked with strangers 🚗

-Camped on the coastline 🏕

-Learned how to do astavakrasana (a yoga pose I’ve been try to perfect for months) ✅

-Watched countless Hawaiian sunsets 🌅

-Eaten a lot of pineapple and coconuts 🍍

-Went to a meditation temple 🌺

-Learned more about ecological feminism 🌏

…among many other adventures!