Here are all things travel-related, from personal itineraries to city guides! I only write about destinations and adventures I have personally experienced from the perspective of a solo female traveler. My content is typically budget-friendly and geared towards those willing to travel off the beaten path.

You can expect a mix of storytelling, both written and visual. My favorite travel stories all revolve around interactions with the local community. When I travel, I tend to gravitate towards experiences that offer a perspective into the local way of life. I believe in walking and biking around cities as much as you can; residing with host families over high-end hotels; learning the history of the neighborhood I’m staying in; hopping on a bus and taking it to the last stop, just to see where it goes… 

Furthermore, I hope to confront the discourse around solo female travel + challenge what women can and can’t do on their own. Perhaps this space will inspire other women (and men!) to pursue their own global adventures.

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